Justin Vitale Yazdeli cultivates time and gives grain to memory, registering moments that study the ordinary for purpose. He explores how to apply focus, and pursues the limitations of possibility through perspective. He invites the viewer to reflect and be alive through his work, to pause and search for meaning.

Born in Queens, New York, he has embraced life by taking inspiration from it’s diversity. Remaining open to it’s potential, he has worked in the artistic mediums of music, photography, video, and design. In April 2016, he registered his creative business Medium Mix, marking a new beginning in his artistic career. November 2019 he founded, alongside his wife, Space Chimney which aims to bring an animated live performance to the stage in 2020.

Performance History

Space Chimney (Songwriter / Vocalist / Guitarist)
New York
2019 – Current

Move Quiet (Songwriter / Guitarist)
New York
2012 – 2018

Snowday (Guitarist)
New York
2013 – 2014

The Test Dream (Guitarist)
New York
2009 – 2012

Rumi (Guitarist / Keyboard)
North East Tour / Midwest Tour / Full US Tour / New York
2007 – 2009

The Glitch (Songwriter / Guitarist)
New York
2005 – 2007

End of a Decade (Songwriter / Guitarist)
New York / New Jersey
2000 – 2005